Psychoanalysis in long sessions

Psychoanalysis in long sessions

Long sessions were defined in order to impart to the analytical work an associative rhythm favouring
the overcoming of the resistances and facilitating the return of the repressed, and entail two joint
and inseparable parameters: the duration and the frequency.
The duration is three hours; the frequency, at least five times a week.

With this work rhythm, it becomes possible to immerse oneself in the telling of one’s life, describe it unhurriedly and minutely, and let oneself go into reliving that which is being described.
The free associations, key of the efficacy of psychoanalysis, acquire a continuity, width and depth
which are indispensable to recover repressed childhood experiences, find again their connections with the repetitive patterns, transferential manifestations and the derivatives of the unconscious, and clarify with precision neurotic conflicts. The working through is strengthened by this and leads rapidly to a physiological resolution of the psychobiological tensions.

A psychoanalysis in long sessions is carried out over periods of around two months, normally once a year.
Such a specific framework requires the analyst to have the appropriate theoretical, technical and methodological skills.

The daily frequency

With a break of at most two days a week, the daily frequency resumes the original Freudian practice of psychoanalysis.

This frequency is indispensable if the work carried out in the sessions is not to become dispersed in the life of the analysand and fragmented, and is essential for the formation of an associative weave which widens and deepens from one session to the following. This associative weave is the main element rendering the preconscious memory permeable, bringing to light the overdetermination and allowing the unconscious contents to emerge.

The duration of three hours

The duration of three hours makes it possible to let oneself go into the telling of one’s life without being interrupted, and to reach a fully associative verbalization.

The material of the first hour of the session recalls associatively the vital material and thus acts as
a trigger for the real associative work, that of the preconscious memory. From the second hour on, the preconscious memory can express itself, foster the working through and pave the way
for the return of the repressed.
The unconscious elements appearing in the verbalization facilitate awareness and clarify the session material, which thus reaches a natural conclusion.

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